Distracted Drivers and the Dangers


The law regarding mobile phone usage at the wheel has recently changed, involving a hefty fine and penalty points for those caught. Recent study results have shown that road users are frightened by the idea of colliding with a distracted driver more than having their car stolen or driving in bad weather. If you’re involved in a road accident caused by a distracted driver, it’s important that you know the correct procedure to take.


The new penalties imposed on drivers include a £200 fine and 6 points. This is an increase of £100. The aim is to discourage drivers using their phone at the wheel. Additionally, those who have been driving for less than 2 years will have their license invalidated requiring a re-sit of both their theory and practical exams. But what about you? How can you claim compensation for a road accident that wasn’t your fault?


There can be a lot of confusion and shock following a car accident, but there is some information you should collate in order to claim successfully:

  • Share information with the other party including names, contact details, insurance details, registration numbers and make and model of vehicles.
  • Take photographs of the incident as a visual aid towards your claim.
  • Take witness information and refrain from discussing the incident, this will help you with your claim if things go wrong.
  • Report incident to the police in the case of future disagreements with other party.
  • Inform your insurance company immediately

By following this advice it will assist your solicitor in making a successful claim.

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