Domestic Abuse Scotland – Non Harassment Orders & Interdicts

It has been reported that cases of domestic violence sadly rose by a third in some EU countries as an unfortunate consequence of Covid-19 related lockdowns.

Domestic abuse is not just physical abuse. It can be mental abuse too. It can include controlling behaviour, financial abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. If you feel like someone’s behaviour has caused you to be fearful of them and their behaviour is making you feel scared, or harassed, our family lawyers in paisley can help you by obtaining an order against the offending person.

If you live with the person who is abusing you then it may be possible to have your partner removed from your home. In order to do this you would need to apply to the court for what is called an “exclusion order”. 

If you were successful in obtaining such an order, then your partner would be prevented from coming back to your home. 

If you wish for your partner to be prohibited from abusing you or doing something specific, such as turning up at your home or posting about you on social media, you can ask the court to grant an interdict or non-harassment order (commonly referred to in other jurisdictions as a restraining order). Both orders would require the assistance of a family lawyer and an application to the local Sheriff Court and both orders, if breached, could result in criminal punishments such as a prison sentence or fine.

A non-harassment order would prevent someone from doing a specific thing that has been causing you to feel harassed. An interdict would be an order which would prevent someone from carrying out a specific behaviour or from approaching you or your property.

If you feel like you are being harassed or abused and you wish to apply to the court for a protective order, we can assist you. Walker Laird have a team of experienced family lawyers in our Paisley Office who would be happy to speak to you.

Our family lawyers in Paisley have a history of successfully obtaining orders such as but not limited to:

  • Interdict prohibiting an ex-partner to prevent posting on social media about a client;
  • Interdict prohibiting an ex-partner from contacting a client’s work colleagues;
  • Interdict prohibiting an ex-partner from discussing a separation with third parties;
  • Interdict prohibiting an ex-partner from approaching a client;
  • Interdict prohibiting an ex-partner from entering a client’s street

It is important to note that these orders are not restricted to partners. If you feel like you are being abused by someone that is not your partner, it is still possible to ask the court for a protective order against them. Our family lawyers in Paisley will happily assist you with any queries you may have about that.

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If you are worried about funding court proceedings, we offer legal aid and have more information about eligibility here. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid we also offer flexible payment plans.

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