Will Covid-19 lead to more Divorces?

Financial difficulties and working and living with your partner in close proximity is challenging, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. Unfortunately, for many couples, these challenges may be overwhelming which sadly results in the breakdown of their relationship or marriage. 

Divorce filings in China rose considerably as the Country emerged from quarantine.  Theories have previously been advanced that an economic recession is associated with an increased risk of divorce.  However, commentators have suggested that this increased risk comes with a delayed impact as couples may wait to see whether an economic recovery will increase the value of their assets. There is also the time delay between actually separating and being able to obtain a decree of divorce.

For example, following the 2008 financial crisis the number of couples divorcing soared.  It was reported that in England and Wales in 2010 the number of divorces was approximately 114,000. Government statisticians at the time likened the increased numbers to the increased number of divorces that were seen after the early 1990’s recession. 

With the current economic recovery being far from certain and Scotland only taking tentative steps out of lockdown it will be interesting to see whether couples will wait for any signs of economic recovery or whether there will be a surge in the number of couples separating and divorcing. Given the time delay between separating and divorcing it will also be some time before official statistics emerge and we can truly calculate the impact of Covid-19 on the number of divorces in Scotland.

Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland are now accepting new divorce applications and our experienced divorce lawyers in Paisley can provide you with expert advice about the separation/divorce process including any queries you may have about child custody. 

We appreciate that many people have financial concerns at this time, and legal aid is available depending on your circumstances. In a previous blog we give a general overview about legal aid eligibility. 

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