New Zealand reports a Covid-19 related surge in Separations

According to the Guardian family lawyers in New Zealand have been so “overwhelmed” with enquiries about separation and divorce that they have had to turn prospective new clients away! A number of family lawyers in the country have commented that the increase in demand is akin to the post-Christmas holiday season which can be associated with couples spending long periods of time together coupled with people making New Year’s resolutions to make a change.

New Zealand has been widely praised for the way in which they contained the spread of Corona virus. Strict lock down measures were brought in with people required to stay at home unless they were shopping or exercising.  However, increased restrictions placed on people’s freedoms brings challenges and difficulties in some couple’s relationships which sadly can lead to an increase in separations as appears to be happening in New Zealand.

Despite lock down restrictions in the UK easing, after seeing what has happened in Aberdeen, it appears that further local lock downs are inevitable and this could place further pressure on already strained relationships.

It has also been reported that the UK has now entered a recession “like no other”. We previously commented that is has been theorised that an economic recession is associated with an increased risk of divorce. This is another added stress for couples particularly when a significant number of people are losing their jobs. The early signs being reported in New Zealand and China indicate that we may see a high number of divorces comparable to the number of divorces that occurred after the financial crisis of 2018 (114,000 divorces in England and Wales).

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