More Traffic Means More Accidents

It has been reported that road traffic accidents in the West Midlands have dropped by a staggering 65% as a result of lockdown measures brought about by the coronavirus.  This should not come as much of a surprise as it has been calculated that traffic in UK during the height of lockdown fell anywhere between 60% and 80%.

What these statistics mean is that there have been fewer people that have suffered road traffic related injuries such as whiplash, fractures and lacerations.

A Guardian Article opined that the number of road miles travelled “has not been this low since 1955, when far fewer people owned cars and there were no motorways”. 

Scotland has moved into Phase 3 of the Coronavirus Route Map bringing with it increased freedoms.  We can now visit the hairdresser to get those much needed haircuts! It is also possible to visit friends and family further afield.  Hotels and restaurants are also now open meaning we can get those well-deserved weekends away.

scotland lockdown measures

Whilst there are question marks over how Covid might change the way people work and, in particular, the daily number of commuters what these increased freedoms will result in is an inevitable increase in traffic on the roads which will in turn, sadly, lead to more accidents.

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